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I have loads of positive reviews and compliments for you to look at and help you decide whether to hire me or not. I do want to mention that I also have had 2 prospective clients that were not satisfied with me. The first was a woman from Monroe, NJ. She wanted an estimate on multiple jobs in her home. I went through the estimating process and told her I would get back to her with the quote. I never did get back to her and she was quite upset that I didn’t. I’m sure we all have someone that we just do not feel right working for and I made a judgment call that I just didn’t feel comfortable working on her home.

I’m going to try to keep this short Mike. But I want everyone to know what a great guy you are and how hard you work. I began looking for someone to help me with a few major jobs I wanted done to the house. For one, I wanted our family room completely redone with new paint, new ceramic tile, and I needed a door opening added to the front of the room so guests could enter from our foyer. I found Mike’s advertisement online and gave a call and within a few days I had an estimate. He was very busy but said he could do it before the Thanksgiving Holiday. We agreed on the price and started the work a week before the holiday. I had my doubts when he started if he could finish everything before Thanksgiving but all my doubts were put to rest. The jobs were finished by the Friday before the big day. The work was perfect and fast and I would recommend him to anyone…..just saying.

Tom from Monroe Township, NJ 3/8/2014

Hello Mike, As you know I have lived alone for a few years now and it is so difficult to find someone that knows the home improvement business and also shows up on time and does the job right. I want you to tell anyone that needs a reference for your abilities to just call me. Mike has done numerous small and big projects for me and he always remains the professional and shows up on time and works hard until the job is finished. My latest remodel was having new cabinets installed in my old kitchen. He helped me immensely and even brought me Home Depot and Lowe’s flyers to show me and explain all the differences in cabinets and I was on a time schedule so he went to pick them up for me. He is just a wonderful handy-person and I will always call him when I need work done.

Melanie from Middlesex County, NJ 2/21/2014

The kitchen cabinets make our kitchen look new. I am so glad I decided on using your company and I am so happy with how you leveled the floor. I’ve been putting off the remodel for so many years because I thought it would be too expensive. You did a real good job and it fit in with my budget. I was actually surprised how we were able to go to Home Depot and pick out what we wanted. I will be recommending you to all my friends.

Sarah Jean from South Amboy, NJ 1/25/2014

Hello Mike, Thanks for installing my new tub and the custom tile work you did in our bathroom. I am thrilled! It’s just like going to a spa in my own home. Mike and I are so thankful we found you and want you to know we will be contracting you for any other work we need finished in our home.

Connie from Old Bridge, NJ 1/11/2014

Hello Mike, My husband and I want to let everyone know what a great handyman you are. We know you advertise yourself as a handyman but you are much more than that. Your small construction and maintenance company has done some great work for us. Our bathroom remodel and expansion went so smoothly and you showed up on time every day. Please let all your customers know they can contact us for a great recommendation. Also, we will be upgrading our kitchen in the spring so make sure to keep some time open around April. Thanks so much for the great job you did.

Jordan and John from East Brunswick NJ 11/27/2013

Well Mike I am so glad to have all of that painting finished. The rooms look great and what a big difference for an old house although I did have my doubts about buying such a big old home. I want to thank you for taking care of all those repairs to the bathrooms and kitchen. The place looks great and we will be moving in before Thanksgiving. You're a great guy and I will be calling you in early spring to take care of the outside.

Thomas from Marlboro, NJ 10/4/2014


The second customer that had a problem with me was from Old Bridge, NJ and he kept having me come back to his home to re-estimate the job. I just gave up on trying to please him and told him to find a new handyman. He wasn’t happy but for me the time consumed trying to please him was not worth the effort.

I’ve also had a few customers over the years that were not satisfied with the job I did, however….I made sure the job was finished to their liking before I accepted money for the jobs.


To whom it may concern. Mike has been doing construction work and handyman jobs for the past few years. I have to say I am so glad I found someone that I can trust and depend on. He installed new doors for me in the front and back of my home. That was the first job he did for me. Then a few months later he retiled my kitchen and that was a really hard job because he had to remove the old ceramic tile first but he worked so hard and within a week I had a shiny new floor. His last project was partially remodeling my bathroom with new ceramic tile and bathtub and new fixtures. I just can’t say enough about how good he is and how much I depend on him for repairs. Thanks for listening to me.

Jessica from Middlesex County, NJ 3/8/2014


Hello Mike, I want you to know you can use me as a reference any time you need a good review. The drywall repair you did for me in the bathroom was just awesome. I thought I was going to have to get that whole wall put in and I want to wait until I have the bath remodeled then I may have you expand the bathroom into the closet in our bedroom. I will be in touch when I’m ready to start the new project.

James from Sayreville, NJ 2/20/2014


Hello Mike, The wife and I wanted to send you an email to let you know you can use us as a reference anytime. We are so happy with the work you have done for us. The living room and dining room paint job are awesome and again we appreciate you moving all of the furniture out of the rooms for us. It just made everything so easy. The colors are what we picked out and they came out beautiful. As you know, we have a two story colonial and we plan on having the whole upstairs painted this year. I will call when we are ready. We are both so happy to find such a great company.

Beth and Izzy from Edison, NJ 1/24/2014


We think you are the greatest HANDYMAN in Middlesex County Mike. Sarah and I never dreamed we would have the whole downstairs painted before the spring got here. We both thank you for working so hard and if you ever need a reference just call us.

Sarah and Will from East Brunswick, NJ 1/11/2014


Hello. I’ve had so much work done by Mike that I feel he is my personal handyman….remodel bathroom, remodel kitchen, added closets in my attic, built a shed in my backyard, built a wooden ramp to the front of my house and numerous other little jobs. If you need a reference, just ask.

John from East Brunswick, NJ 10/22/2013


I’ve been looking for a full service handyman for years and I am glad to let every one know that Mike is now my home improvement expert. He has done it all for me over the past year, including building a shed in my backyard. If you have any doubts about hiring him just give me a call and I will vouch for him.

Dave from East Brunswick, NJ 10/12/2013


I want to let everyone know what a wonderful job Mike did remodeling our bathroom. He installed all new fixtures including cabinets and something we never had…an exhaust fan. He put in new ceramic floors, new lights, new shower tile, a new window and window sill. Everything is new and everything is perfect. I recommend him for any job. It took him only a week and a half to finish and he worked so hard every day. I’m not sure if I should mention the price but it was only $8000 and nowadays I consider that very reasonable. If you want a reference, just ask Mike for my phone number.

Sarah from Sayreville, NJ 9/9/2013


I was really worried about hiring someone for my bathroom renovation. You helped to make my decisions much easier and the wife and I are so happy with our choices. I also appreciated the way you broke down all the labor costs for us. We are very satisfied with your work and you are now our handyman of choice.

Bill from Central, NJ 7/23/2013


Hi Mike, Well…me and the family are off to North Carolina so I had to text you and let you know you’ve been a great help to me over the years. I doubt if I’ll ever find another handyman that helps me out as much as you did. And, thanks again for emptying out the house of all that old junk. I will be in touch,

Jacob from Monroe, NJ 6/29/2013


Our newly remodeled bathroom is just awesome Mike. Turning that little foyer into an attached powder room for my wife was a brilliant idea. She loves it and spends more time there than in the main bath. We both thank you for your hard work and look forward to many more years of your service.

Matt and Toni from Somerset, NJ 6/1/2013


Hello Mike, Just wanted to let you know how the wife and I feel so much better since you are taking care of the house in New Jersey. We stopped by last week and everything looks good. You are doing a great job and it makes us feel so much safer having it looked after.

Tom from Central, NJ 5/18/2013


I want to let you know how much I appreciate you putting that shed together for me. You can’t imagine the nightmare I was in when I opened those boxes. You and I are going to have a long handyman history. I will be contacting you before the summer is over. Thank you.

David from East Brunswick, NJ 5/9/2013


We really appreciate the work you and your crew did for us. The both of you were very professional and worked so hard on getting all of the painting finished in time for our big occasion. You may use us as references anytime.

Gloria and Thomas from Sayreville, NJ 4/10/2013


Mike, I stopped by to say thank you for the work you finished for us. Our new floors are great and make the whole house look fresh. Feel free to use my name as a reference. I will be contacting you in the future with some more work for you.

John from East Brunswick, NJ 3/22/2013


Hello Mike, I stopped by to say ‘thank you’ for fixing my old steps. I feel so much safer now and I will be calling you for more projects when I have the extra cash.

Helen from Somerset, NJ 3/13/2013


Hello Mike, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to install our new commode. John and I know you are very busy with your handyman business but it is so difficult to find someone for these small jobs. Thank you again and we will recommend you to our friends.

John and Eloise from Somerset, NJ 3/2/2013


You can use us as a reference for your handyman business anytime Mike. You arrived on time and worked until the job was finished. And, we do appreciate fitting us in to your tight schedule. Our new ceramic tile floor is just awesome. Our next project is going to expand the living room into the hallway but got to save a few dollars first. We will call you when we are ready.

Mike and Wendy from Somerset, NJ 1/26/2013


Good Morning Mike, I am so happy with my new foyer. The closet space is just huge and my new ceramic tile floor makes it so easy to cleanup at the end of the day. I’ve always wanted a entrance to our home like this and it does look so luxurious with the new chandelier. Thanks for helping to turn my old house into something beautiful.

Sue from Sayreville, NJ 1/16/2013


Hello Mike, I made sure everything on the box and in the literature said easy assembly. What a joke. It took me hours to realize I didn’t have the skills to assemble a simple dining room hutch. Anyway, I do thank you for showing up so fast and taking care of this for me.

Stan from Sayreville, NJ 12/28/2012


Hello Mike and Thank you for coming to the house on a Holiday! You are my type of “Handyman,” willing to work whenever the jobs become available. I do appreciate you replacing that storm window and you can use me as a reference anytime.

Wilson from East Brunswick, NJ 12/27/2012


I just can’t say enough about the good work that you do. I am so thankful I found such a good handyman. The new paint and cabinets you put in my kitchen make everything look like new. I will call you if I need more work done.

Ann from East Brunswick, NJ 12/18/2012


Hello Mike, I wanted to let you know how great the kitchen and living room look. You did a great job on both and I am spreading the word on what a good handyman you are. You can use me as a reference anytime.

Thomas from Sayreville, NJ 12/5/2012


Hello Mike and thank you for coming out on such short notice. It really meant a lot to me to get some extra help. I have your number and will call when I need more help.

Ed from Sayreville, NJ 11/15/2012


Dear Mike, I sincerely wanted to thank you for coming out to finish painting my rooms and adding the new trim. I know you are having some trouble of your own with all of the mess from the hurricane. I will be hiring you again when I need some handyman work done.

Maryann from Monroe Township, NJ 11/8/2012


Hello Mike, I wanted to thank you for coming to my house so fast. It feels so good to have my upstairs finished. The new paint makes everything look like new. I will be calling you the next time I need some work done.

Elaine from East Brunswick, NJ 10/25/2012


I want to thank you guys for helping us move all that furniture. You make everything look so easy. The new ceramic floors look great but I want to wait a few days before we move everything back in. I’ll give you a call when I’m ready.

Tom from East Brunswick, NJ 10/8/2012


Dear Mike, My Daughter is sending you this message. Thanks for all your help. My new kitchen cabinets are great and I’m glad I found you. I will call you again when I need some more handyman help.

Elaine from North Brunswick, NJ 10/5/2012


Thank you Mike, I know it wasn’t a big job but the new ceramic tile around my front door makes all that mess from the outside so easy to clean up. I now have a foyer area I’m so proud of.

Eloise from East Brunswick, NJ 9/25/2012


Hello Mike I was just going through your handyman website and saw all of the jobs that you do. I’m looking forward to meeting with you and going over the remodeling of my bathroom. When I hired you the first time I thought you only did stuff like painting and hanging wallpaper. I’ll see you next week and good luck with your handyman business.

Mark from Edison, NJ 9/20/2012


Mike, Thanks for answering so fast. The new TV mount you installed is great. I’m just not good at this stuff. I do have some new shelving coming in for the basement and I will give you a call next week so you can assemble it.

Mike from East Brunswick, NJ 9/18/2012


Dear Mike, I don’t know what you call that new plastic wood you put on my porch but it looks so good and it is so sturdy. I’m hoping it will outlive the last porch I had put it. I don’t mind how expensive it is because I know you gave me a good price for installing it. Thank you for helping me pick out the right product.

Elaine from Edison, NJ 9/15/2012


Dear Mike, I am so pleased with all of that old wallpaper removed and the job you did with the new drywall makes my back room look new. I was a bit anxious about the new paint but it looks awesome and in the spring I’ll get you back to finish my upstairs. Thanks for all the help.

Maryann from Edison, NJ 9/14/2012


Hello Mike, We really enjoyed getting to know you. Louise is oh so happy with the new tile floor and I, of course feel much better since we had the new locks put in. Thanks.

John and Louise from New Brunswick, NJ


Hi to my favorite handyman. It seems that there is nothing that you can’t do or fix and that is just the person I need. Thanks for replying so fast to my phone call. I can now call by basement the family room.

John from East Brunswick, NJ 6/25/2012


Mike, the new pergo flooring you put in is much better than my expectations. How you ever got those hallways even enough to install a new floor is amazing. I have to tell you, I had my doubts when you started. It’s really a pleasure for me to be able to run the sponge over the new floor and it’s cleaned up. Thanks… you did a great job and I will be booking you for some more work.

Grace in Perth Amboy, NJ 12/31/2011


This old house looks so good since you started working for me. The new kitchen cabinets make everything look so new and I am so glad to have that old pantry taken out…it makes the kitchen so much bigger.

Loretta from Perth Amboy, NJ 12/14/2011


Hello Mike. Thank you for coming to my house so quick. I feel so lucky to find a handyman that I can depend on. The paint job is great and now I am ready for Christmas.

Ella from New Brunswick NJ 12/5/2011


It makes me feel so good to find somebody to do odd jobs around the house. I’ve been trying to find a handyman for months that would paint that little back room for me and nobody would even return my telephone calls. Thank you Mike…and I have your phone number on speed dial.

Not very handy in East Brunswick NJ 12/2/2011


My downstairs looks great. I am so glad to get all the painting finished before the Holidays. The next paint project will be the Master Bedroom but that won’t be until the spring. I’ll probably talk to you before then so we can go over the colors.

Pam from East Brunswick NJ 11/30/2011


Oh Mike, you don’t know how glad I was to meet someone like you. It’s really hard to find someone to do a little job. It makes me feel so good to have the new medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Thank you so much and you will be hearing from me again.

Eva from Old Bridge, NJ 11/21/2011


Mike, The new closet you built for us is perfect. I’m so glad we were able to use that wasted space in the attic…and quite surprised at how cheap it was to put in. The wife loves the smell of that cedar and of course to be able to walk around a closet and pick her clothes out. Living Large, thank you.

Marc from East Brunswick, NJ 11/17/2011


Mike! I can’t believe how fast you gutted that kitchen. I have to say I am glad to see all those old cabinets go. The new ceramic tile floor looks great and am looking forward to the new kitchen. Your doing a great job.

Tom from Monroe, NJ 11/16/201


Thanks for the help Mike. I’m getting a bit too old to be climbing those ladders anymore. All those leaves in my gutter were bothering me and I’m so glad to have them cleaned out. I might call you one more time in the spring to clean them again.

John from Marlboro 11/11/2011


I called to let you know how great your work is Mike. I was a little scared to hire a handyman from the internet but everything worked out fine. My new kitchen is awesome and I will be calling on you again. Thank you and I am so looking forward to cooking on the new stove.

Maryann from Monroe Township, NJ 11/5/2011


Hello Michael, The carpet you installed is amazing! The wife says it’s like walking on a cloud hehe and I am satisfied with the work you did for us. Thank you for talking me into the thicker backing, it really makes a difference. We will be looking to put new carpet in the upstairs come spring, so I’ll call you when we are ready.

Jacob from Old Bridge, NJ 11/2/2011


Dear Michael, I wanted to send you a picture of my new bathroom all decorated but I don’t know how to use this email and stuff like that. I just love what you did for me. I have so much room to move around now and really appreciate the job you did. I will be talking to you soon.

Alicia from East Brunswick, NJ 10/30/2011


Mike, That ceramic tile floor you put in is unbelievable. I never thought you would be able to do something like that in this old house but everything is solid and it’s great not to have the floors creaking when I walk on them. Thank you.

Tom from New Brunswick, NJ 10/27/2011


Hi Mike, I wanted to let you know I love the new medicine cabinet you put in the bathroom and also wanted to remind you that after all these leaves are done falling, I need you to clean my gutters. I will call you in about a month. Again, thanks for your help.

Nancy from East Brunswick, NJ 10/24/2011


Oh Mike, Thank you so much for coming right over. You make it look so easy. It’s such a pleasure to have a new bathtub but also, the new toilet is so nice….no more running water! Great job Mike and thank you for taking the time to help me.

Trudy from Monroe, NJ 10/19/2011


See Mike, I told you I would find your webpage and email and send in a recommendation. I’m a man of my word. Here goes, Mike is the best all around handyman I have ever had. I’ve been using him and his talents for a few years now and I plan to have him work for me in the future.

Steve from Monroe, NJ 10/18/2011


Hello Mike,

   I just wanted to stop by and say thank you again. The paint in my bathroom is beautifull and you don't know how much I appreciate you replacing those two cracked tiles. You did a great job on such short notice. I will be contacting you again, you can be sure of that.

Loretta...East Brunswick, New Jersey


Hi Mike, It was nice to finally meet you. The ceramic tile floor you installed is great and we are using it already. The wife is going to call you again this week. She wants you to expand the bathroom by a couple of feet into our extra bedroom. I have a feeling we'll be seeing you quite a bit over the next few months lol. Anyway, good job and looking forward to seeing you again.

Joe from Sayreville, NJ

Oh Mike, I can't believe how beautiful my new kitchen is. I actually cried the first time I stood in the middle of it. The cabinets are just soo awesome, I never knew Lowes had such nice stuff and this floor is amazing, I stood on linoleum for so long and never thought I would be able to afford a new one. You are the greatest and I thank you Mike.

Amy from South River, NJ

Oh Mike I am so sorry for leaving the house such a mess but you did a great job painting my living room and bathroom. They look absolutly fabulous. It feels so good to have one color paint on the walls...I hope it wasn't too much trouble working around all that furniture. Now I must save some money to get the outside painting finished. Thank you Mike.

Nancy from Monroe, New Jersey

You did a great job with my front steps Mike. Glad I found you but also I want to let people know when they call you and there is no answer, to make sure they leave a call back number. I know your busy and have an answering machine so maybe this will help to inform new customers to make sure to leave a message and a phone number to call back. That’s it bud, thanks again.

George from Sayreville, NJ Thanks for your support George, Mike.

Mike, I am so glad I found you. I have a lot more painting to get done. The new paint in the kitchen is great…now on to the living room and the dining room. I want to get all the rooms done before the Holiday’s. Looking forward to seeing you next week.

Joe and Ann from East Brunswick, NJ

Good Morning Mike, I saw your webpage and just had to leave a comment. You do great work and I plan on expanding my bathroom in the spring and you know who I will be calling, my favorite ‘Handyman Mike.’

Gladys from Old Bridge, NJ

Mike, As you probably heard from my wife…I’m not a very handy man, and this is true when it comes to fixing something around the house. The new bathroom is awesome but I especially appreciate the new exhaust fan to the outside. I’ve been debating with myself for years if I should attempt it and you know what that answer was. Thanks again and we will be calling you soon for some more stuff to be done around here.

Dave from New Brunswick, NJ

I wanted to touch base with you Mike and say thank you. I wasn’t too sure about ‘laminate’ counter tops but adding the real stuff would have been prohibitive. They are great and make the kitchen look like new especially with the new paint job. Thanks for listening to me ramble on and thanks for doing such a great job.

Johnny from New Brunswick, NJ


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