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 To Whom it may concern. I contacted Mike to see if he would be able to partially remodel my 3 bathrooms. They weren't really old but were beginning to show wear, like the tiles seemed really outdated and the tubs were beginning to look well worn. It took him a little over a week to get out for an estimate and that was ok because I was in the process of getting several quotes. Mike explained that he was sorry for being so late getting out to me but he was very busy at the time. It took him and me about an hour to go over what I wanted. Well, his estimate was so far below anyone else I contacted, I committed to the job right away. I'm not going to tell you the cost but for new ceramic floors and surrounds and new tubs and toilets in all three baths including all new paint I had to jump on it. I did have my reservations if he could deliver the job the way I wanted. Mike said he couldn't start for a couple weeks because of other commitments but the price was so good I agreed. Mike and a helper started in about a week and a half and it took them two and a half weeks to finish the jobs but I must add here that I did add a few other jobs while they were there, including new moldings and an upstairs window. I mean I was just flabbergasted at the completion of the work. The baths are beautiful and look brand new....and Mike worked continuously every day except Sunday to finish everything. I just can't say enough about how good he is. And, the cost for 3 baths was about the same as I got quotes for one. I recommend him and I know why he is always busy. Raise your prices Mike.

John from Somerset, NJ 10/14/2014


I have an old house and haven’t had any new paint in years so I contacted Mike for an estimate on painting my whole downstairs which included living room, dining room, kitchen, pantry, mud room and the downstairs bath. I doubted if I could afford to get it all done but I was pleasantly surprised at the cost for painting so many rooms. I took his estimate and scheduled the work for a few weeks later. He showed up on time and worked long hours until all of the painting was finished and including the ceilings and old railings leading upstairs. In 3 days all was finished and to my satisfaction. Mike didn’t even want the money until he was done with every room. He did have a helper but I need to say, Mike did most of the work. I will definitely hire him again.

Marianne from Spotswood, NJ 3/8/2014


I am looking forward to using my new bath and walled shower. You can’t imagine how excited I am to have a ceramic tile floor matching the shower walls. You have been the best with helping me decide what to have done. Thank you so much for all your help.

Christine from Old Bridge, NJ 2/20/2014


Hi Mike, I had to tell you the new floor in our family room is so luxurious. I am so glad I found someone who knows how to install the expensive tile. Everything turned out perfect and I am already scouting the stores for some new tiles for the Master Bath. I will let you know when ready. Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Jonathan from East Brunswick, NJ 1/25/2014


Hello Mike, I didn’t know how to add my review to angies list. It is so complicated so I am just emailing you. My daughter and I had Mike do all kinds of work around our home but we are especially proud of the new ceramic tile floors he installed in our kitchen and bathroom.

Mary from Sayreville, NJ 10/22/2013


Hello Mike, I’m writing to let all your customers know what a great contractor you are. Mike and his crew just added an extra bathroom for us. We only had one on the second floor of our home and finally saved enough money to put one on our first floor. Mike guided us through every step of the construction and took our advice on the choices for ceramic tile and tub size. Him and his crew were on the job every day until all was finished. We are so happy with the new bathroom and would definitely recommend him for any job. Also, he didn’t want any payment until the whole job was finished. We trust him totally.

Sam and Julie from Middlesex County, NJ 10/11/2013


Hello Mike, I just wanted to drop a note letting everyone know what a great handyman you are. Our hallway and kitchen look like new rooms after installing the new ceramic tile. Also, thank you for getting the job done on time. We always have our doubts about hiring somebody new to us but you were on time and worked hard every day. If you need a reference from us, just ask.

Tom and Sue from East Brunswick, NJ 9/10/2013


Mike, We are thankful to find a handyman that can do almost anything and do it well. The laundry room you installed in the basement is just what we were looking for and it makes life so much easier to have everything located in one area. Also, the little kitchen area for the wife is a nice touch.

Joanne and Jeff from Middlesex County, NJ 7/23/2013


You and your helper really did a great job on the new bathroom Mike. I’m just loving it every time I go in there. We will be wanting the main bath finished by the end of summer so I will be calling you soon. Also, feel free to use my name as reference.

Sandy from East Brunswick, NJ 6/29/2013


I wanted to take the time to write and let you know how much I appreciated your help in moving my office. You and your men did a great job and I realize I do have some heavy furniture. Also, the paint in the new offices is just what I wanted. I am so glad I found you on the internet and I will be contacting you for all my projects. And, I know you don’t need any recommendations but if you ever need a reference…you may use me. Thanks again.

Melanie from Metuchen, NJ 6/1/2013


I finally found a handyman that does what he says he is going to do and charges the same as the estimate he gave. Thank God Mike! So many years I have been searching for someone to do light jobs and not try to turn them into something else. You are now my on-call handyman. Thank you for all your help.

Joyce from Somerset, NJ 5/18/2013


Once again, you came to my rescue Mike. My house looks so bright and clean and I feel better that one job is out of the way. I hope that you also seal driveways but I will call you when I am ready.

Maurine from Sayreville, NJ 5/9/2013


HI Mike, You are my “go to” handyman from now on. All the work you did on my outside is great and the siding looks like new. I will be contacting you to other jobs for me in the future.

Maury from Monroe, NJ 4/10/2013


What a difference having two extra bedrooms make. We have been putting off finishing the attic for years but thankful we found a hard worker like you to do it. Thank you for your patience with us, for changing our mind on the colors so many times. The rooms are great and we already had out-of-town friends visiting.

Ed and Mary from South River, NJ 3/22/2013


Dear Mike, Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how much we appreciate the work you’ve done for us. We both love the paint in the living and dining area and will be scheduling some painting projects outside soon.

Dean and Mary from Monroe Township, NJ 3/13/2013


Mike, I wanted to let you know you can use our names for references anytime. The new bathroom and sitting area are…in the words of my wife ’exquisite.’ We look forward to having you as our handyman for many years to come.

Pete and Rosanne from Sayreville, NJ 3/2/2013


As I’ve explained to you Mike, we have been planning and waiting a long time to expand and finish our dining area. We are so glad we found you to do the job. Everything went great and the room is just what we wanted.

Ted from Somerset, NJ 1/26/2013


Hello Mike, I just got to town and stopped in to the house. The yard and grounds look great. Thanks for picking up the mail and advertisements. I’ll text you when I will be leaving again and your check is in the mail.

John from East Brunswick, NJ 1/16/2013


Hello Mike, I just got to town and stopped in to the house. The yard and grounds look great. Thanks for picking up the mail and advertisements. I’ll text you when I will be leaving again and your check is in the mail.

John from East Brunswick, NJ 1/16/2013


Hi Mike, I wanted to contact you and let you know that I am so happy with my new ‘closet,’ I’ve already filled it to overflowing but it is so nice being able to find the clothes and shoes I want to wear. I can’t believe I waited all these years to finally have a full room clothes closet. Thank you so much. You are a great handyman and I will be calling you for my next project.

Victoria from Edison, NJ 12/28/2012


We wanted to let you know that you did a great paint job on our two front rooms. The new paint and wood trim makes us feel that we live in a new house. Thank you again.

Susan and Mark from Sayreville, NJ 12/27/2012


Hello Mike, Just wanted to stop by and let you know I am happy with the work you finished in our bathroom.

John from Edison, NJ 12/18/2012


My bathroom is awesome. Thanks for taking care of those broken tiles. I am looking forward to a long working friendship with you.

Cindy from Parlin, NJ 12/2/2012


The new shelving is saving me a lot of time Mike. So glad I found you.

Mike from Parlin, NJ 11/15/2012


Mike, You and your helper really worked so hard chopping that tree up for me. I’m thankful that is all the trouble I had in this storm. If you need any references, you can use my name. Thanks again for helping me.

Jenn from Edison, NJ 11/8/2012


So happy to have the opportunity to thank you on your website. I've told everyone I know how much I appreciate the courteous, thoughtful and professional service you rendered. I've had so many disappointing experiences with contractors who never showed up for estimates, never showed to start jobs and those who botched jobs that wound up costing more in repair than originally contracted!
What a pleasure and relief to finally find someone who is HONEST, hardworking and RELIABLE, at last! ANY TIME you need a reference, don't hesitate to give them my phone number or email address. And I certainly won't hesitate to call you when the next job comes up. THANK YOU!

Marge from Central, NJ  10/25/2012



Mike, You are what I consider a true Handyman and that’s a good thing. Thanks for helping repair that old fence. I will be calling you again when I need help.

Dean from Old Bridge, NJ 10/8/2012


Hello Mike, My apartment looks so good. I love the paint and I am very happy with the wallpaper in the bathroom. A lot of work but thank goodness it’s all done. Thank You

Mary Ann from Monroe, NJ 10/5/2012


I can’t believe how great my attic looks. It’s like I have twice the space in my home. And, it is my space, hubby. Who would of thought, just adding a few pieces of drywall would make such a difference. Thank you and your helper for working so fast.

Jean from Perth Amboy, NJ 9/26/2012


Hi Mike, I know you’re busy but just wanted to stop by and say hello…you are a great handyman and the painting job you did for us is great. I will hire you again.

Sadie from Monroe, NJ 9/20/2012


So a new coat of paint really does make a difference Mike. My living room and dining room are like walking into a new house. My wife used to do all of the painting but she decided to take it easy this time. Thanks for all your help.

John from Edison, NJ 9/18/2012


Hi Mike, Thank you for putting in my new carpets and thank you for coming over so fast. I will keep you in mind if I have any more jobs for you.

Heather from Milltown, NJ 9/15/2012


Hi Mike. The bathroom remodel is really something. My wife and I thought it would take a lot longer with all the ceramic tile being installed. We are also very happy with the expansion into that old closet that we didn’t use anymore. We have so much room now. You and your men did a great job.

Joe and Irene from New Brunswick, NJ 9/14/2012


I never thought I would have to hire a handyman Mike. But, I am glad I found you. You do good work and I appreciate all the help you have given us. The new ramp is really sturdy but I am looking forward to getting myself in shape again.

Bob from Edison, New Jersey 9/4/2012


Hello Mike, We are so very happy with your work. The job you did on those back steps and deck are just awesome. So glad to have all the outside work finished for the year. Did I tell you I found your ad on Craigslist and sent it to all my friends. Hope to see you again early next year for some inside work. Thanks again,

Ted and Irene from East Brunswick, NJ 9/2/2012


Dear Mike and Helper, You both did a wonderful job painting my bedrooms and the carpet you helped me pick out are awesome. It is really like a new house and the way the carpet connects with the downstairs ceramic tile landing is very clever. We both adore the new look as you enter the front room. Thank you and we will definitely keep your number handy. See? I told you I would email you a compliment.

A very happy couple in Monroe Township, NJ 8/19/2012


Hello Mike, I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate all the help you gave me with my back steps and my new back door. Thanks for responding so fast. I will be calling you for my next project.

Joyce from New Brunswick, NJ 8/14/2012


The new tile you put in the dining room is great Mike. Can’t wait to see the finishing touches on our bedroom and upstairs bath. And, June wants me to thank you for getting rid of all that junk in the basement. You and your guys are great workers.

Ed from Edison, NJ 8/8/2012


Mike, Now that’s what I call worry free painting. The rooms you painted are just awesome. Such a relief for me not having to go out and buy all that paint by myself. I have to admit the colors you helped me pick are great. I am looking forward to a long working relationship with you.

Thomas from Edison, NJ 8/2/2012


You and your men did a great job on our attic Mike. It actually doubled our living space, and the kids are ecstatic to have their own ‘space’ to get away from us. Thanks for working on the plans with us and when we get the money together…..Mare and I will call you to ‘tackle’ the basement.

Ed from Edison, NJ 7/25/2012


Hello Mike,

My house is so beautiful Mike. That advertisement I see on tv is so true…“a coat of paint makes the world of difference.” My husband and I feel like we are walking into a new home. I’m just amazed at the overall look of the dining and living room area. Thank you and your helper for finishing in time for our party. And, I apologize for being a bit pushy. We will be calling you for our next project.

Susan from Monroe, NJ 07/21/2012


Hello Mike, See…I told you I would email you. You are a great handyman and did a great job painting my living room. Also, the exhaust fan and new light in the bathroom are awesome. I will definitely hire you again.

Tosha from Perth Amboy, NJ 5/21/2012


I am so glad I found you Mike. It is such a relief for me to have someone dependable to take care of my property. The neighbors in East Brunswick email me and let me know how well the lawn and trees look since you took over maintenance. Thank you and looking forward to many years of working together. I am already looking to acquire another rental that I will need help with.

Tom from East Brunswick, NJ 5/12/2012


Hello Mike, I wanted to write and let you know how I appreciate your coming to my house so fast. The new Shower Stall is perfect and the new tile really shows off the bathroom. Thank you.

Jerry from East Brunswick, NJ 03/18/2012


Another spring and I have my HANDYMAN taking care of all the little fix-ups that need to be attended to. I appreciate all of your help Mike.

Mae from Milltown, NJ 03/11/2012


I finally got my wheelchair ramp! Thank you Mike, it is so sturdy and easy to navigate. I’m so glad I didn’t go with the aluminum ramps and it was cheaper with the treated wood. Your name is on my speed dial.

Ed from Monroe, NJ 2/29/2012


Hello Mike, I just wanted to write and let you know how easy my new ‘shower’ is. That tub was like climbing Mt. Everest for me. And, you matched up the ceramic tile really good. Thanks for responding so fast and I will call you if I need more work done.

John from Monroe, NJ 2/19/2012


It really feels great to have that old bathroom remodeled…it’s like walking into a different house. So much room and I’ve never had ceramic tile before. Everything looks and feels so solid. I think I am going to have you take out the other closet in the back room and turn it into a dressing room for me so I’ll give you a call in a couple weeks. Good work Mike.

Joyce from East Brunswick, NJ 1/18/2012


I just want to let you know that I am very satisfied with the job you did for me. The paint and color is just what I was looking for and the new carpet on the steps is so lush. I’m very satisfied with your work and you can use my name anytime for a reference.

Jasmine from East Brunswick, NJ 1/10/2012


Good Morning Mike, Thank You! I had my doubts when I called…that you would be able to help me on such short notice. I’m so happy that my bookshelf is all together and the TV fits perfect on the wall where you hung it. I have your number and keeping it handy.

Mary Louise from New Brunswick, NJ 1/5/2012

MJR Handyman Painting Central NJ-Serving Areas in Middlesex County NJ-Milltown, New Brunswick, Edison, Fords, Woodbridge, South River, Sayreville, Parlin, East Brunswick, Marlboro, Metuchen, Colts Neck, Monroe, Monroe Township, Perth Amboy, South Amboy, Helmetta, Highland Park, Jamesburg, Sewaren, Cranbury, Dayton, Englishtown, North Brunswick, Morgan, Spotswood, Freehold, NJ…Handyman Service Central NJ zip code codes 08828 08904 08861 08862 07734 08878 08879 07746 07722 08850 08831 08877 08882 08884 08816 08817 08903 08901 08905 08906 08863 07728 08857 08902 08859 08871 08872 08570 08512 08810 08837 08818 08820 07726 08902 07077 07728 Please call or email if you are in doubt about our Handyman Central NJ service area…we are continually expanding our service area in Central and Middlesex County New Jersey.

Professional home improvement remodeling services at Handyman Central NJ. No matter what room you want to remodel in your home, Handyman Central NJ has the expertise in all fields of construction….including ceramic tile and tiling, drywall sheetrock, painting or wallpaper. We cover the whole gambit of being a professional handyman. Whether it be to refinish something or to build from scratch…give us a call for the cheapest quote possible in the central NJ area. And, being cheap doesn’t mean ‘not good.’ We are inexpensive and affordable because we do the most with what we have….meaning we are dependable, reliable, honest. We work hard to get the job finished and most of our work comes from neighbors of repeat customers. Why do we advertise at all? Well, we have a great crew that enjoys a fair salary and we want to keep them working…including myself. So, if you are looking for someone that will treat your house as a home and not a job site and understand that we are a guest in it…..give us a call for your next home improvement project.

MJR is a local family owned and operated business with over 25 years experience. I consider myself a small job specialist and general handyman but can undertake any home improvement: painting, wallpaper-hang or remove, drywall sheetrock-spackling installation or repair, power washing, faucets and toilets-fix or replace, light fixtures-fans installed, handyman-carpentry, ceramic tiles-walls floors backsplash tub shower, floors-wood, vinyl laminate ceramic, kitchen and bath-repaired remodel. No job is too small-I will answer all calls and emails. Contractor Handyman Central NJ Phone 732-432-9787 email mikesemail411@comcast.net

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MJR Handyman Painting Central NJ-Serving Areas in Middlesex County NJ-Milltown, New Brunswick, Edison, Fords, Woodbridge, South River, Sayreville, Parlin, East Brunswick, Marlboro, Metuchen, Colts Neck, Monroe, Monroe Township, Perth Amboy, South Amboy, Helmetta, Highland Park, Jamesburg, Sewaren, Cranbury, Dayton, Englishtown, North Brunswick, Morgan, Spotswood, Freehold, NJ…Handyman Service Central NJ zip code codes 08828 08904 08861 08862 07734 08878 08879 07746 07722 08850 08831 08877 08882 08884 08816 08817 08903 08901 08905 08906 08863 07728 08857 08902 08859 08871 08872 08570 08512 08810 08837 08818 08820 07726 08902 07077 07728 Please call or email if you are in doubt about our Handyman Central NJ service area…we are continually expanding our service area in Central and Middlesex County New Jersey.

The following is an "incomplete" list of my services...If you are in doubt, just email or phone.

IN THE BATHROOM - Tile Repair or Sealing - Tile/Vinyl Flooring and Backsplash - Tile/Vinyl Tub Surround - Tub, Shower Repair or Replacement - Tub, Shower Caulking - Tub, Shower, Sink Faucet Repair - Toilet Repair or Replacement - Sub Floor Repair or install- Light Fixture Repair - Bathroom Fan Repair - Leaky Faucet Repair - Most accessible pipe repairs - Drywall Repair or Texture - General Painting or Wallpaper

IN THE KITCHEN - Tile/Vinyl Floor Install or Repair - Tile Backsplash Repair - Cabinet Install or Repair - Drawer Repair - Sink Repair & Replacement - Garbage Disposal Install or Repair - Faucet Install or Repair - Ice Maker hook-up (Refrigerator unit) - Water leak repair - Dishwasher Installation - Sink Sprayer Installation - Drain Repair - Drywall Repair & Texture - General Painting and Wallpaper

AROUND THE HOUSE - Door Frame Scrapping - Door Frame Painting - Door Knob/Lock Replacement - Door Replacement (Interior & Exterior) - Weatherproofing - Putting up/taking down storm windows - Caulking Windows - Ceiling fan Install or Repair - Light Fixture Repair - Install Doggy Doors - Painting - Drywall Repair - Minor framing projects - Install Most handrails - Picture Hanging - Light bulb Replacement - Install Smoke Alarms - Change Smoke Alarm Batteries - Furniture Assembly - Molding Install or Repair - Wood Paneling Install or Repair - Dryer Vent Cleaning


No Job is finished before we do all of the cleanup.


Home Improvement Small Job Specialist East Brunswick NJ 732-432-9787 or Click Here to Email Mike mikesemail411@comcast.net



Fence Repair - Ramps & Railings - Deck Repair - Power Washing - Custom Landscapes - Vinyl Window Screen Repair - Some Metal Screen Repair - Stone Walls - Deck Staining - Door Steps - Storm/ Screen Door Repair - Storm/ Screen Door Installation - Brick Pavers

ODD JOBS - Hanging Outdoor Decorations - Hanging Christmas Lights - Furniture & Product Assembly - Moving furniture - Build Closet Organizers - Build Shelves (closets & workshops) - Prepare Houses for Sale or Prepare for Moving in


I give same day call back.(Please leave your telephone number)

Most jobs, no deposit required.

Neat, Reliable, Affordable Prices, Quality Work

Free Estimates Ofcourse, at your convenience

MJR Handyman Central NJ New Jersey is an affordable honest reliable family handyman business with over 20 years experience in all fields of carpentry, ceramic tile, cabinet installation and remodeling, interior exterior painting…any job that doesn’t include load bearing walls. I/we also provide lawn care-landscaping, including security checks for absentee home owners. Handyman Central NJ is a premier handyman company in central NJ. I continue to expand my handyman horizons, services and job know-how. I also consider myself a small job specialist, catering to those that need a ’fast repair’, leaky faucet, broken fan, any handyman job that needs immediate attention. Please mention your home repair by phone message or email. Handyman Central NJ offers professional guaranteed workmanship at the cheapest prices in the area, if in doubt, give me a call and we can meet for a free handyman job estimate-quote. I take pride in being an honest, hard working handyman….providing efficient, quality, and affordable services. MJR Handyman Central NJ Services Phone Number 732-432-9787 Email mikesemail411@comcast.net or visit my home page at http://housepainting.freeservers.com

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